Atlas IR Pro Score System

Compatible with all MT Pro-based Laser Tag Systems  (Adventure Sports, Hi-Tech, CORE Pro)

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Professional Scoring System for MilesTag Commercial Laser Tag Systems

Full Scores, Stats, Rankings

View / Print Individual and Team Score Sheets


USB Score Pod & Software

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 UPDATE: June 1 2015  V1.5.30  (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8)  

Download Software:  Score Software  1.3MB zip (password required for installation, email us if you just want to try out the software)

Download USB Driver:  Pod Driver

Download Manual:  User Manual (PDF)

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   NEW  "Easy Score" mode limits Penalty Deductions to 50% of Player Score 

   Multi Language for Player Score Sheets (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French)

   USB Powered (Score Pod)

   Powder-coat aluminum enclosure

   Download score data direct from Taggers to PC (no "referee gun" required)

   Save/Load Game Data (Scores, Stats, Game Details)

   Create CSV File from any Game Data File (for easy database integration)

   Identify Missing Players

   Print Individual Score Sheets (Full Statistics)

   Print Team Scores

   Print Player Rankings (Optional)

   Personalize your business information and Logo on all printouts

   Customize score calculations, adjust weights of all score parameters

   Waterproof Pelican field case (available)




Print Preview (Individual Score Report)
Print Preview (Player Rankings Report)