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The MilesTag website provides information and resources to build your own full-featured indoor and outdoor LaserTag system comparable to commercial systems.

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New for 2017 "MAGIC" Mainboard:  This is our flagship mainboard designed for serious players, clubs, commercial fields and indoor arenas.  Full scoring and stats for up to 100 players and 4 teams.  User adjustable gun settings allow endless gameplay variations.  Advanced capabilities such as indoor/outdoor setting, anti-cheat, wireless (IR) gun-to-gun cloning and score download.  Battery monitor, and menus to allow editing of  gun and game settings in the field.  Supports a wide range of add-on devices and field accessories (weapon pickups, health pickups, grenades, ammo refills, respawn stations).  

A Growing Community of MilesTag builders and players!  We have shipped parts to hobbyists and business startups in nearly every state in the US, and many countries worldwide.  Sign up on our Forum to find help and share ideas with other enthusiasts. 

We have more than 10 years experience programming, designing and manufacturing systems for the commercial laser tag market with thousands of systems actively in use on fields throughout the world.

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DIY Laser Tag Gallery

MilesTag "Nerf" Tagger by Bud Farnham (Dallas, TX) Modified Airsoft (Laser Tag Italia). Modified Airsoft (Laser Tag Italia)
Leif Bennet's DIY tagger.  Full details HERE. Infrared Sensors Browning M1919A4 (aluminum case, PVC barrel)
DIY by Eduardo & Bajolagua (Madrid, Spain) DIY by Eduardo and Bajolagua (Madrid, Spain)
Laser Game Salerno - MP5 Laser Game Salerno - M4




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