D.I.Y. Laser Tag Game System



Comparison of MilesTag Systems


System Features

Board Size - Inches (mm) 4.3 x 1.5 (109 x 38) 2.3 x 1.1 (60 x 28)
Carrier Frequency (kHz) 56 56
Players 50 (Std) / 100(Pro) Unlimited
Scoring and Stats 50 (Std) / 100(Pro) None
Teams 4 4
Software Controlled Muzzle Flash  
Hit LEDs (Sensor LEDs)
Friendly Fire On/Off
Variable Damage
Variable Health
Auto Respawn Timer  
Remember Settings (EEPROM)
Medic Support
Referee Gun Mode
Electronic Flag Support 16 Flags  
Cloning Transmit / Receive Receive Only
8x2 LCD Display w/ smart backlight control  
4-digit LED Display (Ammo, Health) √ 
Game Timer  
Review Game Stats on Player Unit  
Send Scores to PC (Ref Gun Mode)  
Review Compiled Scores (Ref Gun Mode)  
ISD Digital Sound Effects
Sound Effects Editor Requires Recorder Chip
Battery Monitor / Alarm
Sensor LED Auto Shutoff (save battery)
Ammo Station Support  
Medic Station Support  
Grenades Compatible
Stun Grenades Compatible  
Edit All Gun and Game Settings Built-in PC or Cloning

 Configuration Parameters

  CORE (RevH) uMT
Friendly Fire On/Off On/Off
Health 1 to 999 1 to 999
Armor 0 to 200 0 to 200
Muzzle Flash On/Off HARDWIRE
Damage 1 to 100 1 to 100
Rounds Per Clip 1 to 255 1 to 255
Unlimited Clips On/Off  
Clips  1 to 200 2 to 200
Firing Modes Semi/Burst/Full Semi/Burst/Full
Burst Rounds 2 to 6 2 to 6
Reload Delay 1 to 30 sec 1 to 30 sec
Hit Delay 0 to 20 sec 0 to 20 sec
Auto Respawns 0 to 20  
Respawn Delay 0 to 180 sec  
Death Delay    
IR Power Indoor/Outdoor RESISTOR
IR Duty (Range) 5% to 90% FIRMWARE
Game Time 0 to 120 min  
Zombie Game Mode On/Off  
Kill LED Timer 1 to 240 sec  
Software Select Sound Effects Mil-Sim/Sci-Fi/Silencer  
CTF Mode (Electronic Capture the Flag) On/Off  
Overheat (Simulated Barrel Overheat/Jam) Variable  
Display Brightness   0 to 255

Referee Gun Commands

Admin Kill
New Game
End Game
Assign Teams
Reset Time (Sets Game Timer to 000:00)  
Full Ammo  
Test Sensor