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All the add-ons on this page are based on the PIC16F684 microcontroller.


Game Box V2 (Medic, Ammo, Flag, Respawn)  

    Game Box V2 Files (zip)    Source, hex files, manual, drawings.

    Game Box Manual (pdf)

MT Grenade

    MT_Grenade_07   Firmware PIC16F684 

    Hex + Full Source Code (PicBasic Pro)

    Grenade Schematic  (PDF)   GIF Version

Click to Enlarge

NOTES:  Maximum battery voltage is 5V.  To use a higher battery voltage you must install a regulator and filter capacitor, then connect battery to the "7.2V" connections.  You can experiment with arrangements of IR LEDs and visible LEDs for best effect.
Micro Medic
    Micro Medic 03   Firmware PIC16F684 

    Hex + Full Source Code (PicBasic Pro)   

    Medic Schematic  (PDF)   GIF Version

Click to Enlarge

NOTES:  The Status LED is a "resistored" LED that operates on 5V.  If you use a standard LED, then you must install a 100 ohm resistor in series.  Maximum battery voltage is 5V.  
Micro Referee
    Micro_Ref_01   Firmware PIC16F684   
    Micro Ref Schematic  (PDF)   GIF Version
Domination Control Point (Automated)
The Domination Tube provides a fully automated King-of-the-Hill (KOTH) style game.  This is also known as "Domination" in some popular video games.  This game will truly put team leadership, strategy and physical fitness the the test. 

The Domination Tube is placed in the center of the playing field.  Each team will have a base at opposite ends of the playing field.  Each base is equipped with a Respawn Box, key or Referee to allow players unlimited respawns.  The field should provide plenty of obstacles/cover for attacking and defending the tube (heavily wooded areas are great).  Team bases should be 50-100 yards from the tube and there should be no line-of-sight from the team bases to the Domination Tube.  Players may not physically block or move the Domination Tube.

When the game starts, each team tries to be the first to reach the Domination Tube, and activate it by shooting down into the tube.  A ring of LEDs will light indicating the team that currently has control of the tube (Red or Blue).  Teams continue to battle by attacking or defending the Domination Tube.  As the tube is captured and recaptured, the internal electronics will keep track of the TOTAL time each team has control of the tube.  When the programmable game time limit is reached, the winning team color will begin Flashing.  The Tube will automatically reset for the next game.

Games will end early if one team already has enough time (more than half) to win.  Max game time is programmable to 10/15/20/25 minutes.

The Domination Tube can only be activated by "shooting" straight down into it.  So a player must physically get to the tube without getting killed.  (This may be a suicide mission for the runner.)  This eliminates any cheating as with button-operated timers.

Recommended Gun Settings:

Damage = 10 pts

Hit Delay = .5 sec

Life = 100

Auto Respawn = Off  (players must return to their base to respawn)

Game Time = Off (unlimited)

Recommend 5 to 10 players per team for a single Domination Tube.  Add a second (or third) tube for larger teams.


Compatible with:  MilesTag (CORE/uMT/RevG), Hi-Tech and Adventure Sports systems.



    Dom Tube 06   Firmware PIC16F684

    Hex + Full Source Code (PicBasic Pro)   

    Domination Tube Plans  (PDF)


Micro MT (uMT)

uMT V19 can be built on the Gadget Board.  Piezo sounds.