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Different colored muzzle flash LEDs
« on: September 21, 2017, 06:35:43 PM »
Can someone explain the wiring of the LEDs on the Rev J board when taking advantage of the 2 different muzzle flash colors?  I found a gun that uses both colors (Red when Red team is selected and Blue when Blue team is selected), but I'll be damned if I can figure out HOW it's working based on the wiring:

Again, this gun WORKS, but the LED PCB disc used in the barrel is set up this way:

Pin 1: Muzzle Flash 1
Pin 2: IR LED
Pin 3: Common Ground
Pin 4: Muzzle Flash 2

But the wires from the MilesTag Rev J board into the LED PCB disc are as follows:

MilesTag Rev J:
J4-1 -> LED PCB Pin 2
J4-2 -> LED PCB Pin 3
J4-3 -> Muzzle Flash 1
J4-4 -> NOT USED
J7-1 -> Muzzle Flash 2

2 questions:  1) Is this how it's supposed to be wired?  2) How the heck is this even working?!

I don't understand how if J7-1 sends the "flash" signal to one of the Muzzle Flash LED's, how is it working since the cathode appears to be connected to the power source for the IR LED?  Does the schematic change based on the firmware/options you're using?  Tried to take some pictures too (attached).

From the Rev J schematic, I would expect the following:

J4-1 -> IR GND
J4-2 -> PWR
J4-3 -> Muzzle Flash 2 GND
J4-4 -> Muzzle Flash 2 PWR
J7-1 -> Muzzle Flash 1 GND
J7-2 -> Muzzle Flash 1 PWR

How am I reading this wrong?