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IR Laser Diodes
« on: August 27, 2018, 10:28:31 AM »
Hi all,
Im thinking to improve my Laser tag system which is based on tsal6100 and lenses into laser diodes:

by the way, already got good signal @ distance up to 100 meters

any advice ?!


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Re: IR Laser Diodes
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2018, 10:32:55 AM »
Be very careful with laser diodes that claim their output is only 1mw, and using laser diodes with any higher output than that can cause eye damage if you're not careful.  There was a finding by an independent company that many of the laser pointers sold on Amazon were actually outputting much higher power than advertised ( 

While the idea of a more challenging game is appealing, it also comes with some drawbacks.  The size of the laser at range may be much smaller than an IR LED, but that just means you'll need a few more sensors on the players body to maintain that realism.  That gets to be a pain. 

The range will be much improved, but that would only be most useful for games where you're valuing sniping from long distances.  When you're dealing with large ranges, people are more spread out, and you need many more people to have an energetic game.  If you're looking for the more long and drawn-out type game-play more typical of airsoft, then laser diodes might be the way to go.  Again, just watch out for safety.  Make sure you test the output of your diodes.


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Re: IR Laser Diodes
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2018, 04:56:59 AM »
I wonder about the cheap price of the laser diode in your link! I would be careful with these products, too.

I also thought about using laser diodes instead of leds. My experience so far:

In Germany, every new laser diode needs a classification from a certified laboratory. That alone costs about 4000 Euros.

The laser diode needs to be modulated (see PWM). AFAIK, a laser diode will not work properly, if you just turn the supply voltage on and off. Therefore, you need especially suited diodes for this case with an extra cable for modulation.

I talked to a few suppliers and they told me, that a suitable laser diode with approx. 950 nm with 0,7 mW (or 1,4 mw for 50 % duty cycle) costs at least 200 Euro.

Afterall, with a lens with a high focal length and an adequate LED, you easily have a range long enough for most games. BTW there are more suitable leds for lasertag out there than the TSAL6100.

LED = max. 2 Euros
Lens = max. 5 Euros

Laser diode = approx. 200 Euros