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Open Source Lounge / Lasertag system for your smartphone or tablet
« on: January 28, 2015, 11:21:44 PM »
The idea is simple as three rubles.
Bandana (one or more) and the tag (one or more) on the Bluetooth channel connected to the smartphone.
All processing is done on the programs you smartphone, which we write.
You can also connect to WiFi to a local server, and (or) on the remote to GPRS (3G, 4G).
You understand that opportunities are endless, and this feedback (notice of the defeat of the enemy), and even voice and video transmission.
The screen will display the game options, both the player and his team.

Start writing code.
With the tools to define - Qt, probably GUI on QML

I know how to implement, but I want to work in a team.
So if there is a wish to connect - respond!

Now we have to figure out how to interface should look like.

In general, began route PCB for wireless bandanas on Atmege 8.
For Atmega 32 is excessive for those purposes, and is more expensive.

Well board to connect the bandana is useful to me for the project "Ascetic".
But you can still stir up linkup to convert wired tag any manufacturer in wireless.
To do this, need route  PCB, which will cling to tag.

For me, the problem is a low priority, while coping with the signet "Ascetic".
Therefore, if there are interested people - join us, things will go faster.

Need to make a prototyping  board and write the code to recognize the header, 1 and 0 MilesTag protocol (it is open, let's start with it).
Once the prototyping board will work and will be ready firmware - offer seals in production.
Everyone will be able to get them (at cost, I earn on it is not going to ) .
If someone else wishes to establish production - please!

It is desirable to use C to write the firmware.

Scheme in PDF format in a file attached.
Scheme can be adjusted - waiting for individual proposals.

Files for DipTrace too.
Contact if interested.

While that's what we have.
I want to connect more vibro plug add.

P.C. Error in scheme - pin State not connected to controller!

Open Source Lounge / Open Source Laser Tag project - LTAscetic
« on: December 25, 2012, 07:43:55 AM »
Video Third  release (not yet posted)
It lets Configurator (allows you to change the sounds and execute SETUP) through COM-port.
Bootloader also works through COM-port.
Look forward to working with all who wish to participate in the project! ;) :D

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