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MilesTag CORE / Re: CORE PCB Design Files
« on: April 15, 2019, 12:22:00 PM »
Here are the CAD files for the CORE Rev H PC Board.  The .PCB file is compatible with Express PCB software/service.  This is the EXACT file used for all production CORE boards.  The Rev J .BRD file is Cadsoft Eagle but I have not had this file manufactured yet.  All designs provided as-is, use at your own risk.

The Eagle BRD files can be uploaded directly to OSH Park for an inexpensive but high quality manufacturing option.  They will charge you about $33.00 for 3 boards including shipping and the turn time is around 2 weeks.

We can edit your files to make sure they are per DFM (Design for Manufacturability).

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