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MilesTag MAGIC designed, manufactured and assembled in USA.


New for 2017, the MAGIC is our flagship system, offering the same components and proven circuit design used in many commercial indoor and outdoor Laser Tag Systems.



 MAGIC Board Comparison

 MAGIC Wiring and Power On

 MAGIC LCD and Headers


 MAGIC Edit and Clone

 MAGIC Firmware Updates



 MAGIC USER MANUAL   draft 16 July 2017


  • USB Firmware Updates and Optional Firmware

  • 40 players, 4 teams

  • Co-processor for full-duplex shoot / receive.

  • Redesigned, louder audio amplifier section.

  • Self-Healing Armor with adjustable heal rate.

  • Indoor / Outdoor modes (IR Power Control)

  • Software controlled muzzle flash

  • Soft power control with auto-off.

  • Includes optional display headers.








MAGIC Rev A Mainboard  (current production)


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Sound Recorder

The ISD Sound Recorder software was written in Liberty Basic.   It is possible for users to customize the software using the freeware version of Liberty Basic compiler.  Download the source code HERE.


- Connect PC audio line out or headphone out to the MAGIC board Audio Input.

- Connect PC Serial Port to MAGIC board using adapter cable.

- Start MilesTag Sound Programmer application.

- Install Sound Recorder firmware on MAGIC board. 

- Power on MAGIC Board.

- LCD shows "Sound FX Ready"

- Set COM Port as required. 

- To test COM Port and serial connection, click on "Test RS232" button.

- The sensor LEDs should flash briefly to indicate connection OK.


NOTE:  All PC audio is routed to the CORE audio amplifier and speaker.  This way you can test the audio quality of the recording and the source through the same speaker (A/B comparison).


Delay - 1 to 100, adjusts for PC timing if sounds are cut off or starting late.

Play Source - Plays the PC sounds (source) through the CORE system speaker.

Play ISD - Plays the recorded sound from the CORE internal sound chip (ISD1790)

Erase ISD - Erase ALL sounds on the CORE internal sound chip

Record Sounds to ISD - Record ALL sounds to CORE internal sound chip

Test Full-Auto - Plays the firing sound (Mil or Sci-Fi) rapidly for testing purpose.

If the Full-Auto does not sound correct - edit sound or adjust the DELAY.

Exit Recorder Mode - Press this when you are done recording to power the MAGIC board OFF..